2014 Jaguar F Type V8 S


The raising and lowering operation, including raising or lowering the windows, is accomplished in a matter of seconds, giving you enough time to pull off the expressway and get the top back up if you happen to get caught in an unexpected shower. The SVR tops out at 575 hp and 516 lb. -ft. There are two major differences, one being the fabric top on the convertible that lowers and raises with a tug of a switch on the center console. It delivers 550 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque, which is a good bit more than even the V6 in the F-Type S, which checks in at 380 hp and 339 lb. -ft. of torque, but not quite what the SVR version delivers. The R is one of two F-Type trims (the new SVR being the other) that get a 5. 0-liter supercharged V8 engine instead of the supercharged V6 found in the base, Premium and F-Type S models. Source: Who's On First?


Years ago at an event sponsored by another manufacturer I heard someone say he always recommended a Camry because of Toyota’s reputation for reliability and it was good-looking as a “safe” choice. This was long enough ago that there once was a big quality gap between the Japanese automaker and many of its competitors. It’s a tough question to answer because there are so many things involved in the issue. When you drive up to 50 new cars every year you run across things you like about a lot of them. Though cars on the market today have some areas about them (many, in rare cases) I don’t particularly like, as a group the quality is unmistakably better than in the past, and even the less expensive models come with. Source: Who's On First?

Jaguar F-Type V8 S
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F-TYPE S Manual
The F-TYPE, Jaguar's all-aluminium sports car, will in 2015 set new standards for dynamics and driver involvement with the addition of intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD) and six-speed manual transmission options, and...
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Jaguar F-Type V8 S
Photo by ilikewaffles11 on Flickr


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