Cnn Heroes 2014

CNN Heroes: Top 10 of revealed

CNN's Anderson Cooper introduces the Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2014. Cast your vote for Hero of the Year at CNNHeroes.

CNN's 2014 Hero of the Year: Pen Farthing

Anderson Cooper interviews Pen Farthing, the 2014 CNN Hero of the Year.

CNN Heroes Tribute: Leela Hazzah

Christina Hendricks introduces 2014 Top 10 CNN Hero Leela Hazzah at "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.

Pushpa Basnet CNN Hero Winner

" Every Child Deserves A Good Life.

CNN Heroes Tribute: Pen Farthing

Benedict Cumberbatch introduces 2014 Top 10 CNN Hero Pen Farthing at "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.

CNN Heroes Tribute: Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes

John Leguizamo introduces 2014 Top 10 CNN Hero Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes at "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.

CNN Heroes 2011 - Everyday People Changing the World - Special Reports from CNN.mp4

cnn heroes 2011. anurada koirala.

CNN Hero: Pen Farthing

Pen Farthing's group, Nowzad Dogs, reunites soldiers with the stray dogs they befriend while serving in Afghanistan.

CNN Heroes: Donate to a 2014 Top 10 CNN Hero!

Anderson Cooper explains how to easily and securely donate to any of this year's Top 10 CNN Heroes.

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CNN Heroes: Everyday people changing the world -

Over the past three months, CNN Heroes series My Hero has asked CNN correspondents and anchors to illuminate the lives of their personal heroes.

CNN Heroes - Ordinary People Extraordinary Impact ...

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