Florida Population 2014

Florida to Surpass New York in Population

it/AssociatedPress Sometime this year, Florida will surpass New York in population, becoming the nation's third-most populous state, and.

US State Population Map - 1958 - 2014

Points of interest: - The population of California almost triples from 1958 to 2015 - Texas, California, Florida and New York also experience significant population .

Lee County asks hunters for help reducing wild hog population

LEE COUNTY, FL - Wild hogs are multiplying faster than trappers can keep up, so Lee County leaders are asking hunters for help in managing the growing .

Hispanic population in Palm Beach County

Now stands at about 25%

Experts: Florida panther population is rising

State officials say the Florida panther population seems to be on the rise.

Population Growth by the year 2040

About one million additional people will live in Central Florida by the year 2040. Where will this growth occur.

CHNEP Watershed Summit: Effects of Restoration on a Juvenile Tarpon Population in Southwest Florida

The Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program (CHNEP) is a partnership working to protect the natural environment in Florida from Venice to Bonita Springs to .

New home construction due to increased population, Ruskin, FL

Wynnmere Phase I is currently being landscaped by QGS Development in the 800-900 block of 19th Ave NE in Ruskin , FL 33570. New home construction is.

Florida's American alligator population a success story from the Endangered Species Act

Conservancy biologist Ian Bartoszek touches on the ecological role of the American alligator as well as some of the animal's physical features.

After decade of decline, population boom in Florida

In recent years, people have been leaving Florida, blaming the economy and a tough real estate market.

bird florida wildlife birding aves birdwatching animalia caracara okeechobee falconiformes falconidae crestedcaracara caracaracheriway northerncaracara chordata northerncrestedcaracara kissimmeeprairiestatepark polyborinae
Northern Crested Caracara
Northern Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway) under its Live Oak tree nest in a field near Kissimmee Prairie Park Preserve State Park in Okeechobee, Florida. Caracaras have an isolated population that lives on the...
Photo by btrentler on Flickr
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Blue and Yellow Macaw
The Blue-and-yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna), also known as the Blue-and-gold Macaw, is a large South American parrot with blue top parts and yellow under parts. It is a member of the large group of Neotropical parrots...
fws whoopingcranes ultralights heatherray fishandwildlifeservice migrationesa
Whooping cranes follow ultralights leaving Alabama
Whooping cranes following ultralight aircraft lift off from Pike County Alabama, December 9, 2014 on their way to Georgia. Photo by Heather Ray, Operation Migration. Media contacts: Heather Ray, Operation...
Photo by USFWS/Southeast on Flickr



GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Many lawns are turning brown and crispy in the drought, but University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences specialists can ...

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We measure the state of the nation's workforce, including employment and unemployment levels, weeks and hours worked, occupations, and commuting.

Florida - Wikipedia

Florida was the first part of the continental United States to be visited and settled by Europeans. The earliest known European explorers came with the Spanish ...

Demographic and Economic Profiles of Hispanics by State ...

Demographic and Economic Profiles of Hispanics by State and County, 2014. Latinos as percent of population, by state, 2014. Roll over for state information, click for ...

Florida Crime Rates 1960 - 2014

Florida crime statistics, Florida , Florida rape, Florida murder, Florida property crime, Florida crime index, Florida violent crime, violent crime in State, Florida ...