How Many Murders In Chicago 2014

Chicago Youth Murders 2014

Dedicated to all the teens and children murdered in Chicago in 2014 Rest In Peace.

Why Chicago Has So Much Gang Violence

Chicago recently suffered a bloody holiday weekend as more than 60 people were shot and 9 are reported dead.

Chicago Youth Murders 2013

Chicago recorded 415 murders in 2013, the lowest since 1965. Despite this drop in murders, over 100 youth fell victim to violence in the city.

Chicago Rappers Murdered In 2015

A list of Chicago rappers murdered in 2015. Google Plus: https://plus.

64 people shot in Chicago 4th of July 2016 Shootings & Murders

A 3 year, a 4 year old a 8 year old and a 10 year shot.

82 Shot in Chicago, Chiraq the Purge, 11 yr old murdered

Prayer vigils, including prayers for.

Chicago shooting caught on camera during its most deadliest month in nearly 20 years.

CHICAGO/North Chicago — In a city wrestling with a rise in gun violence and turmoil in its police department, August seemed like the longest month.

Chicago murder caught on camera an Loskiii speaks on the subject from a savage prospective

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Chicago: Everyday Violence In US Murder Capital

With more than 500 people killed in Chicago last year, guns and drugs are a part of real life for the city's residents.

CHICAGO'S VIOLENT DAILY LIFE---Gangs And Crimes---Full Documentary

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Chicago Tylenol murders - Wikipedia

Chicago Tylenol murders; Location: Chicago metropolitan area, United States: Date: September 29/30, 1982: Target: Tylenol consumers