Cable Pipe

Pulling cables through a long underground pipe.

How to get a cable through a pipe for any form of wiring.

Protect a Pipe from Freezing with Pipe Heating Cable and Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

Pipe Heating Cables heat a water pipe to prevent it from freezing in the cold winter months.

Schonstedt's Principles of Pipe & Cable Locating

It will prepare you to effectively use pipe and cable locators and.

Frost King Water pipe Heat Cable

Wrap the Frost King Heat tape around your pipes and make to avoid frozen pipes and nasty floods in the spring.

Cable Pipe Locator Training Video

Cable Pipe Locator Training Video for avoidance and detection of buried power cables, live cables, buried metallic pipes.

Ground Penetrating Radar | Pipe Locating | Cable Locating

Watch as Ben Minutoli, of Geelong Cable Locations, goes through and performs a full locate at a customer's property.

Dynatel Cable/Pipe/Fault Locator 2273M-iD Video

Dynatel Cable/Pipe/Fault Locator 2273M-iD Video.

Warmup Pipe Freeze Protection Heating Cable

How To Install Warmup Heat Tracing Cable We chose to install a product from a company called Warmup Inc.

ViperMag Pipe and Cable Locator

This is Copperhead Industries general purpose pipe and cable locator which includes active locating frequencies AND ferrous metal detection in one device.

RIDGID NaviTrack II Cable, Pipe and Sonde Locator

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The golden state of hate: how the Internet made hate respectable

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Moscow Region

During the drilling of wells for water equipment can be used is different. Wells in the limestone is more expensive but its life considerably longer - 50 years or more, as the filter in it is very water-bearing rock (limestone) and siltation does not occur. Well drilling continues chisel smaller diameter casing to inside design mark, and then lowered into the well casing next (interim - before opening the roof of limestone), then - the production casing, which will be located in the aquifer. Submersible pumps are suspended on a cable directly into the wells and provide water rise from a depth of 180-200 m. The duration of drilling operations, depending on well depth and rock grows up to 5 days or more. Source: The ABC's of Life

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Enclosure - Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi is everybody's favorite little computer, the last thing that you'd want is for something bad to happen to it. Why not protect it with one of these snazzy plastic enclosures? These cases protect the...
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Big Pipe Portal
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Pipe Locators, Cable Locators, Underground Utility ...

Pipe and Cable location equipment can be used in various situations when you are wanting to locate all types of communication lines, utility lines, and more.

Online Pipe | Services - Pipe & Cable Locating

Online Pipe & Cable Locating (Online Pipe) provides a range of locating services to assist in the protection of underground assets, and the prevention of hazards on site.

Line-Ward Corporation - Cable & Pipe Laying Machine

Line Ward makes high quality horizontal boring & line laying machines & accessories for underground installation of telephone, cable lines & irrigation pipes.

Easy Heat® 30ft Water Pipe Heating Cable ... - ACE Hardware

Shop Easy Heat® 30ft Water Pipe Heating Cable (AHB-130)

Leica Digisystem Digicat 550i Pipe & Cable Locator 780232 ...

Leica Geosystems DigiCat 550i Model Number 780232 (60Hz) allows workers to detect buried utilities with ease. The DigiCat 550i from Leica Geosystems is a part of the ...