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When Your Used Car Makes You a Target for Cops

Because Ace Auto refused to return her $2,000 downpayment, Fowlkes declined to turn over the vehicle, instead making her pre-arranged payments. In California, new car owners have 90 days to obtain permanent license. Markeisha Fowlkes needed a car so she could drive a bus. But three weeks later, Ace Auto asked that Fowlkes return the car, claiming it couldn't find a third-party lender. As is common at car dealers across America, Fowlkes drove off the lot without registration while the dealer arranged the transfer of ownership with the state DMV. Source: vice

brooklands historicsatbrooklands ecg158w
1980 Suzuki SC100 GX Whizzkid
Photo by davocano on Flickr
1983 FSM Syrena 105L
Appeared on the TV show "Wheeler Dealers".
Photo by davocano on Flickr
1990 Autech Zagato Stelvio
Nissan Skyline
Photo by davocano on Flickr


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