Armored Cars

SYRIA: The Sting in the Tail of Turkey’s Terrorism Incubator

“I’m against the invasion into Syria. You’ll have to burn your designer clothes and shoes, just to stay warm. It is entirely your fault the West. “I speak to Europe now: You will soon be drowning in the water that you are now drinking. You forgot, but you will soon be reminded, Europe: we are all human beings. It is entirely your fault, Europe. One day, true leaders of the world will come, and they’ll cut off all the gas and petrol supplies to you, and you’ll find yourself in even deeper shit the one into which you threw this part of the world. Source: 21st Century Wire

Malabu Oil Scandal: $800m Transferred To Nigerian Banks Through JP Morgan In London

Prosecutors in Milan believe that $800m, the alleged proceeds of the controversial OPL 245 oil deal involving oil giants Shell and Eni and former Nigerian petroleum minister Dan Etete, was transferred to two Nigerian banks through J. P. Morgan in... Italian prosecutor Fabio de Pasquale, who has led a team investigating the scandalous oil deal for over two years, discovered that the transfer was made in two separate payments of $400m. Over $400m was converted into cash while tens of millions... Source: SlimXclusive | Your number 1 infotainment portal - Now news is at your fingertip

Soros-Backed Group Organizes Massive Coal Blockade In Ukraine

Via Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) of SHTFPlan. That State Department was aided and abetted by none other than Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. As we have mentioned here throughout the beginning of this year, Ukraine has been (and continues to be) a major “flash point” that holds dire consequences for a Europe already in tatters. The problem lies in what the U. S. has done in the past five year under the Obama-directed State Department (courtesy of Victoria Nuland). Ukraine is also a major spot of contention between Russia and the United States. Source: Zero Hedge

1940 ww2 1941 wartime worldwartwo armouredcar homeguard johnbooth peterwise photographicarchives bristolatwar jrichards parkrowbristol klking
Who remembers our armoured car?
Peter Wise has sent in this picture of a specially build armoured car that he and his pals dreamed up. Back in 1940-41, he and three other members of the Home Guard decided to bulid an armoured car. They were based...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
lego classic space rover car
Glacier Runner - Ice Planet 2002
Rover type vehicle armored against Blacktrons and the unforgiving weather of the Planet called Ice (2002?) Strong Re-Volt vibes on this one. I still enjoy that game so darn much.
Photo by legoalbert on Flickr
1958 Ferret Armored Car
1958 British Ferret by Daimler, 6-cylinder, 4.5 Tons, Rolls-Royce Engine, Used to patrol the Berlin Wall, "Urban Camo Pattern", Used in over 30 countries including Desert Storm.
Photo by aan00b.xfire on Flickr


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