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uk/dacia/sandero/61710/dacia-sandero-09-tce Watch our video review of Britain's cheapest new car, the Dacia Sandero.

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The Dacia Sandero is the cheapest new car in the UK, but can it still cut it against rivals like the Skoda Fabia and Ford Fiesta.

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Dacia Sandero review - What Car?

The Sandero is far from flawless, but it's a likeable car that.

End of an era for Romania's iconic yet oft-derided Dacia car

Bucharest, 20 July 1. Various of Dacia showroom 2. Various of Dacia cars on Romanian roads 3. Group of Romanians around broken Dacia trying to fix engine 4.

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Dacia Sandero Stepway Getting Lawn Mower Option After Facelift?

"A lawn mower option could be a good idea. However, Queen didn't make a song about the Sandero, and "Stepway to Heaven" would have been a cheap shot. So it'd be great if you could drive around the yard in your brand new Sandero and take care of business. " Sure, safely backing up is great, but nearly every car can do that. The Dacia range is all about offering practical features at an affordable price. The conclusion of the UK commercial is that Dacia added a reversing camera instead because this would " actually be useful. Dacia makes some kind of funny commercials when it wants to, like "Another One Drives a Duster," which marked the launch of the Duster facelift. Source: autoevolution news

Volkswagen budget brand is a go, China first – report

If you compare this to Dacia and what it is doing, that’s more like it. ”. The report stated that VW’s Chinese operation hasn’t been affected by the fallout of the emissions cheating scandal as buyers prefer petrol models, which the new brand’s... The decision to use an older platform follows in Dacia’s footsteps, which builds cars based on the previous Renault Clio. The cars will be front-wheel drive, with the SUV gaining an all-wheel drive system with a hang-on clutch. VW’s budget offerings will include a sedan and an SUV, much like the Dacia Logan and Duster “If we had added one SUV, then it’s quite easy to have two versions of that if we change the wheelbase and add a third seating row,” he added. Source: Paul Tan's Automotive News

Ka by name, not by nature

Which in effect, replaces the basic and lower spec Fiestas. There was a time when the Ka was the fun and outgoing younger sibling. When you look at the latest Ka, it's a far cry from the original. Under the skin, concealed a basic small car that was a hoot to drive. Thanks to having the mechanical simplicity of a door hinge, the Ka was also an inexpensive car to buy and run. The new Ka+ is to be the no-frills offering from Ford's range of small cars. The original Ka was proof that a cheap car doesn't have to be nasty. Sure the latest Ka – sorry Ka+ – now in its third incarnation is based on the Fiesta like the original was. Source: Definitely Motoring

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Automobile Dacia - Wikipedia

Automobile Dacia S.A. (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈdat͡ʃi.a] ) is a Romanian car manufacturer that takes its name from the historic region that constitutes much of ...

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Dacia 1300. The Romanian government of the 1960s had decided to acquire the tooling and basic design of a modern, western automobile, in order to offer their own car ...

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