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This compressor is BRAND New (2015). As soon as purchase information becomes available I'll post it here.

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Refrigerant Line Sizing

Incorrectly sized refrigerant lines can rob your system of capacity and reduce its efficiency. Suction line pressure drop also hurts the system performance by increases the compression ratio and reducing the amount of refrigerant being circulated. It is important to have enough liquid subcooling to offset the pressure drop through the liquid line. In a worst case scenario, incorrectly sized and applied refrigeration lines can cause multiple compressor failures. Pressure drop in the liquid line can create flash gas in the line before the refrigerant reaches the metering device. For most applications, the two lines involved are the liquid line and the suction line. Source: Fundamentals of HVACR


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3 Compressed Air How Can Air Generate Power? When air is compressed, it is under pressure greater than that of the normal atmospheric pressure and it characteristically


5 SAFETY INFORMATION WARNING Risk of Fire. Do not spray fl ammable materials in vicinity of open fl ame or near ignition sources including the compressor

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How to Size and Select an Air Compressor By eHow Contributor Instructions 1. Pneumatic air tools require a volume of compressed air (expressed as cubic feet per minute,

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A diving air compressor is a gas compressor that can provide breathing air directly to a surface-supplied diver, or fill diving cylinders with high-pressure air pure ...