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  • Air Condenser for Small Scale Reactions

    03/08/17 ,via Labmate Online

    Proven in over 1000 installations worldwide the Asynt CondenSyn air condenser is an affordable high-surface-area air condenser which is both safe and operationally effective. The CondenSyn's robust design uses a new borosilicate glass manufacturing 

  • Spring Storms: HVAC Protection

    03/09/17 ,via OCNJ Daily

    Make sure outdoor air conditioning condenser are secured and covered to lessen weather related impact, as they are vulnerable to strong winds and flooding. Canvas tarps with proper ventilation openings work better than plastic, which tends to retain 

  • Intex extends its consumer durable portfolio, launches Air-Conditioners dedicated to homemakers

    03/08/17 ,via The Tech Portal

    These ACs have been categorised under four segments — Super Saver Split AC, Fixed Speed Split AC, Split AC with Parallel Flow Condenser Coil and Window AC. All the Air Conditioners possess E3 Chill proposition which contributes to “efficient and 

  • Clearing the air: Woman helping new coal power plant reduce ...

    02/28/17 ,via Inside Mining

    The Kusile Power Station, a new high-efficiency, reduced-emissions coal-fired power plant, east of Pretoria will provide electricity to 3 million South African.

  • Researchers face engineering puzzle

    03/07/17 ,via Symmetry magazine

    Re-condensers located underground act as massive air conditioners will then cool the gas until becomes a liquid again. “The big advantage is we no longer have vacuum insulated pipe,” Montanari says. “It is just straight piece of pipe.” Argon gas poses

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Air Cooled Condenser (ACC)
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ModuleAir™ Air Cooled Condensers - SPX Dry Cooling

ModuleAir™ Air Cooled Condensers directly condense exhaust steam from the steam turbine and return condensate to the boiler without water loss.

Rear Air Conditioners Heaters Condensers

We offer rear air conditioners, heaters and condensers for rv, van, suv, and specialty vehicles.

Air-Cooled Condensers - Trane

4 ACDS-PRC001-EN Features and Benefits 20 to 120 Ton Units Trane 20 to 120 ton air-cooled condensers have an operating range of 40 F to 115 F, with a low ambient option

Evaporator Coil Manufacturer | Micro Channel Condenser

Seasonair Malaysia is evaporator coils manufacturer and condensers manufacturer specializing in Micro Channel evaporator and Micro Channel condenser.

Air Cooled Condensers | EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling

For steam cycles of 1 to 1000MW EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling can supply the Air Cooled Condenser that is right for your application. Irrespective of the fuels source ...