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On This Day in Math - February 18

(August 2015) (Building on Prof. The 49th day of the year. On Jan 19th, 2016 The GIMPS program announced a new "largest known" prime, 2. 1772 the Royal Danish Academy of. William D Banks of the University of Missouri has recently proved that every integer in base ten is the sum of 49 or less palindromes. Banks groundbreaking work, by February 22, 2016 JAVIER CILLERUELO AND FLORIAN LUCA had proved that for any base > 4. EVERY POSITIVE INTEGER IS A SUM OF THREE PALINDROMES ). The 49th Mersenne prime is discovered. lots of numbers are squareful (divisible by a square number) but 49 is the smallest number so that it, and both its neighbors are squareful. Source: Pat'sBlog

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: A1X, so what changed?

The most obvious change is the new extended Marsh boiler and new smokebox, and therefore the reshaping of the wheel splashers, and the removal of the condensing pipes either side. The A1X has air and vacuum brakes, although the vacuum brake is only for the train. The A1X was changed from the condenser and pump system to the more familiar injector system and this can be seen by the wisps of steam coming from the injector pipes between the front and middle wheels, and obviously with a different set of... Also visible are the 2 copper pipes that drop down the front of the water tanks which take the water from the boiler to the injectors and the other long copper pipe which is the re-routed exhaust from the Westinghouse air pump. Source: Victory Works

Ethyl acetate synthesis by Fischer esterification

There are a few reactions I plan to perform with ethyl acetate in the future. The most well known method for producing ethyl acetate is Fischer esterification. Ethyl acetate, or ethyl ethanoate, is a simple ester widely used as a solvent and flavoring. The procedure consists of refluxing acetic acid with ethanol in the presence of a catalytic amount of sulphuric acid followed by some workup and purification steps. To the flask, I added 28ml (0. 4797 moles) of ethanol and 27ml (0. 4716 moles) of glacial acetic acid. The glacial acetic acid used in the procedure was first purified by drying over anhydrous copper(ii) sulphate, distilling, then drying again. Source: gluon's lab

rooftop switch rust insulation line rs rl unit cooling disconnect refrigerant
Aging Condenser Unit of a Split Air Conditioning System
This is the condenser unit of a split air conditioning system. This unit rejects heat outside the building while a fan coil cools the interior of the building. Copper pipes route refrigerant; the larger pipe, with...
Photo by Chris Hunkeler on Flickr
curves pipes copper viacaldera21
The tubes composing a large condenser for industrial refrigeration
Photo by rfc1036 on Flickr


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