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Scat Crankshafts 1-41705BIE Engine Rotating Kit NEW SCAT

Atlanta Distribution Center for Scat Crankshafts

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FlatFast Crankshaft Kits

Place holder for Basic Flat Crankshaft video.

4.7 Dodge / Chryser crankshaft reluctor ring conversion kit

This kit allows a person to take a newer 4. 7 engine and install it in a older hard to find Chrysler or Dodge application.

Crank Triggers Moroso Trigger Kit 60008 Big Block Chevy Ignition

com/p/Moroso/Moroso-Crank-Trigger-Ignition-Kit/747362/10002/-1 Crank.

How To Install 3 piece crank kit for 4 stroke Motorized Bicycle


Hick & Son Crank Overhead Engine - Hemingway Kits

This video shows a recently completed (2011) 1/12th scale model of a B. Hick & Son's Crank Overhead Steam Engine.

Sealey VS7002 Cam/Crankshaft Oil Seal Removal/Installation kit

Demonstration of how this tool makes removal & installation of Cam/Crank shaft oil seals, quick and easy.




In this video, I install the crankshaft and assemble the crankcase haves.

Brian Crower Stroker Kit 92mm Crank w/Long Rods (Honda/Acura B18/B20) BC0026 - Maperformance.com

Order yours today at http://goo.

Holley's 1966 Mustang Is a HOT-Bed for Engine Innovation - Mustang 360

After mediablasting, Blake repaired the rusty cowl and footwells before turning his attention to the damaged quarter. " Other than a "period-correct," slide-hammer dent repair in the rear quarter, it checked out as a solid foundation for Holley's Ti-VCT development car. "I'm always a little nervous about repainted cars—it's so easy to hide damage," Tom said. " After bringing the car back to Holley's HQ in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Tom worked with Michael Miernik on Corner Horse's concept rendering to pen the vintage road-race look. Starting out as a six-banger California car, Tom had Holley's Scott McLaughlin inspect the once-repainted Mustang before clicking "Buy It Now. Source: www.mustangandfords.com

How Do You Make A GT350 Faster? Add Twin Turbos! - Hot Rod Network

The power-per-cubic-inch gains under pressure are not matched by any other modern OEM V8. Even Chevy is talking about building a dual overhead cam engine for the next generation Corvette. If there’s one thing that goes together better than peas and carrots it’s boost and Coyote engines. Or, will the sheer force of boost turn the flat plane crank into a cross plane crank. Yes, the GT350 has a smaller wrist pin with in its strutted piston design, but it’s a factory-forged piston that’s an evolved version of what’s found in the previous generation BOSS 302. It’s also an improved version of Ford Performance’s... Source: www.hotrod.com

Installing Innovate Motorsports' PSN-1 Power Safe Nitrous Gauge in a Shelby GT350 - Mustang 360

Miss on the tune and your fun factor goes in the toilet. Modern performance enthusiasts expect perfection. We want our engines to fire on the first crank, to idle nicely, and to produce wicked power—all with the precision of a Swiss watch. Thankfully, modern wideband O2 sensor technology provides the tools to let you properly tune your engine. Source: www.mustangandfords.com

Latest News

  • Holley's 1966 Mustang Is a HOT-Bed for Engine Innovation

    03/14/17 ,via Mustang 360

    This is done with a cam phaser, a two-piece cam gear that uses oil pressure to hydraulically adjust angle between the chaindriven and camshaft halves of the timing gear relative to the crankshaft. Ford's iteration, Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing

  • How Much Engine Power Is Lost Through Ancillary Components?

    03/09/17 ,via Car Throttle

    Although its obvious main function is to reciprocate pistons, turn a crankshaft and apply that drive to the drivetrain, the engine also has multiple other chores that need done to keep the car functioning. These seemingly trivial tasks are orchestrated

  • Installing the Five-Speed Transmission in a 1955 Chevy Gasser

    03/07/17 ,via Hot Rod Network

    To begin the project we ordered the new flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, hydraulic throwout bearing kit, and TKO-600 five-speed transmission from American Powertrain in Cookeville, Tennessee. To mate this new transmission to our vintage motor requires

  • How Do You Make A GT350 Faster? Add Twin Turbos!

    02/22/17 ,via Hot Rod Network

    If there's one thing that goes together better than peas and carrots it's boost and Coyote engines. The power-per-cubic-inch gains under pressure are not matched by any other modern OEM V8. Even Chevy is talking about building a dual overhead cam 

  • Big (2V-3V-4V) Mod Power!!!

    03/03/17 ,via Mustang 360

    Ford Performance has done it again, turning its attention back to the overhead cam engine, the 4.6L-based Modular, which has been stroked to a stunning 5.3L for your 2V, 3V, or 4V project. The M-6009-B53 . Trick Flow has done cam selection for us

blackandwhite portugal car blackwhite lisboa lisbon belem coche carros triumph worldcars blackandwhiteonly triumphcar carrosemportugal
Triumph TR4 A
Belem, Lisbon, Portugal in Wikipedia The Triumph TR4 is a sports car built in the United Kingdom by the Standard Triumph Motor Company and introduced in 1961. Code named "Zest" during development, the car...
Photo by pedrosimoes7 on Flickr
motorcycles triumph thunderbird motorbikes
The Thunderbird model has been very important to the history of Triumph. We have to go back to 1950 to find the original Thunderbird 6T, a motorcycle specifically designed for the American market. In fact, its name is...
Photo by ronsaunders47 on Flickr
model engine steam beam plastic motor kit airfix
Airfix Beam engine closeup
Beam engine model built and motorized by me. This is also the first kit I have ever airbrushed . Close up of crankshaft and eccentric
Photo by Elsie esq. on Flickr


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