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Vertical Doors - German Rush Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser GRTSCFDFR12

Authorized Seller, Fits 2012 - 2015 Tesla S Models

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Tesla Model X doors crushing things

Morgan, Jørgen and I test when various foods gets crushed in the Tesla Model X doors.

Tesla Model S door handle

Footage from the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association (ggeva.

How Tesla Model X falcon wing door works!

Short video shows the door can use in small parking slot.

Tesla launches Tesla Model X SUV with Falcon Wing Doors

Tesla has unveiled the world's first luxury electric SUV Tesla Model X. It will go 250 miles on a charge, and it can carry seven people and lot of luggage.

Tesla Ranger Fixed my Door Handle

It's time to get my door handle fixed (by a Tesla professional), but he is doing it on my driveway and the snow is coming down sideways.

Tesla Model X - Falcon Wing Door in Tight Parking Spaces! (4K)

Just got my new Model X two months ago.

Tesla Model X falcon wing door software update

In a recent software update, the falcon wing doors on Model X can open "half way" to prevent too much rain and snow from entering the car.

The thing about Tesla door handles

Tesla handles are distinctive, not just because they recess into the door, but how they unlatch and how you open the door.

Tesla Model X Doors Tips & Tricks

la/pedram1618 Tesla's referral.

Does it hurt when you grab a Tesla's door handle as it retracts?

There's an 70+ reply thread on Tesla Motor Club's forums about how someone got hurt because his Tesla's door handle retracted while he was grabbing it.

tesla consumerelectronicsshow modelx
Tesla Model X
The Tesla Model X before the show opened and the crowds mobbed it all day. In the Panasonic stand. Connected cars are big at CES. This is the future affordable version of the Tesla. But gull-winged rear doors?
Photo by Don McCullough on Flickr
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Two Teslas in the Wild
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr
church water statue garden giant botanical lily cemetary croatia zagreb grad sv tesla funicular crkva marka nikola mirogoj gornji
Photo by Shadowgate on Flickr


Model S | Tesla

Model S is designed ... Software update 8.0 is the most significant over-the-air redesign of the Tesla touchscreen since the launch of Model S ... Retracting door ...

Tesla | Premium Electric Sedans and SUVs

Tesla designs and manufactures the Model S electric sedan and the Model X electric SUV, and is taking reservations for Model 3, a premium EV starting at $35,000.

Tesla Is Halting Door-to-Door Sales for SolarCity Amid ...

(Bloomberg) -- Tesla Inc. is doing away with SolarCity Corp.’s door-to-door sales business as it works to integrate the rooftop solar company it bought for $2 ...

Tesla Inc (TSLA) to End Door-to-Door SolarCity Sales ...

Rather than focus on door-to-door sales, SolarCity will be shifting toward online ones. This is part of Tesla Inc’s plans to keep reduce costs at the solar panel ...

Tesla ends SolarCity's door-to-door sales pitches

Tesla is used to selling cars online, but that's not how the recently acquired SolarCity liked to roll -- it preferred door-to-door sales pitches to get ...