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Full version: Russian officer pulls door handle off during Putin's inspection

In the eyes of Vladimir Putin, Russian General tore off the handle from "UAZ Patriot"(New Russian SUV) General of the army broke UAZ-Patriot, trying to please .

Funny: Putin can't open the door during the inspection of UAZ Patriot, General breaks off the handle

During a recent military equipment to Russian President Putin failed to open the door of a new military UAZ "Patriot" who came to the aid of General pulled the .

Генерал оторвал ручку УАЗ Патриот, Путин поржал / General broke military UAZ door handle. Putin lol

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Breaching the door with UAZ


The General pulled the door handle showing Putin UAZ Patriot

Уаз Хантер 2016. Часть 11. Спасти кошку или тест на сухость.

в титрах опечатка: давление 14,5 MPa Многие считают, что в Уазе щели с палец, гуляют сквозняки, вода попадает.

УАЗ Патриот доп.уплотнители дверей UAZ Patriot additional door seals

Этот ролик обработан в Видеоредакторе YouTube (http://www.

Russian off-road: The Famous UAZ-469

Developed from the GAZ-69 and UAZ-460, the UAZ-469 was introduced in 1971.

Wastepoch Uaz Spg-9 Vs Wooden Door And Wall

Here I am taking a wooden door and wall down with a uaz spg-9 AT rockets 15s on the Wastepoch server.

The General tore off the handle UAZ Patriot when demonstrating to Vladimir Putin

The General pulled the door handle, showing Putin a military UAZ-Patriot.

Winter Road Update

(A special thanks to Kevin Jones and James Pranger for their help in getting it back to Krasnoyarsk. I have had to install a nut and bolt to keep it. After the accident that happened in October of 2015 , nothing has been quite right with our van. This year's supply run was quite rough. ) I had a new wiring harness put in, and returned to Vanavara loaded with supplies. About 255km (160 miles) outside of Krasnoyarsk, the wiring harness caught fire. In addition to the serious mechanical problems, I am having trouble keeping the back door closed. I immediately hit the kill switch, (a UAZ van has a factory installed kill switch that cuts all battery power to the vehicle) and got it off the road. Source: The Dean Family


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UAZ-469 repair works. UAZ-469 official works price list . How do we spend the usual 220 hours of work on one UAZ-469 4x4? First of all, the chassis and the body are ...

UAZ-469 - Wikipedia

UAZ-469 / UAZ-469B (1971–present) UAZ-3151 / UAZ-31512 (1985–2013) UAZ Hunter (2003–present) ... 4-door SUV: Layout: Front-engine, four-wheel drive

UAZ Patriot - Wikipedia

UAZ Patriot (UAZ-3163) is a mid-size SUV produced by the UAZ division of SeverstalAvto in Ulyanovsk, Russia. It was introduced in 2005 and replaced the older UAZ ...

UAZ spare parts - Russian Spares

UAZ spare parts (354) ENGINE (73) FUEL/Exhauts/Cooling system (31) GEAR BOX ... Door seal- UAZ 469. 7.00. New ignition coil B116-for electronic ignition. 26.00.

Soviet Armor :: UAZ-452

Soviet UAZ-452. UAZ-452 ... The UAZ-452 is a 4x4 off road development of the 4x2 UAZ-450 van. ... (door hinges on the specific modifications).