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Customer Service and Failure

My dad was a car guy. My brother is a car guy. Fortunately, we have a mechanic who we trust and have taken both of our cars to for years. But I cringe every time I have to deal with car issues. Who we like, but always secretly cringe because we don't know enough to know how much it will cost to fix. So, anyway, driving home last Friday my check engine light came on. I did my normal scary internet searching for some basic things to try, and we cycled through those over the weekend (again, anyone picking up on the parallel to working with your... Our mechanic fixed the issue (for those that are wondering- engine oil pressure sensor malfunction), although naturally it was a bit more than I wanted it to be (I wanted the under $100 fix of course. Source: Dynamics GP Land

Engine Update 3

Adapter plate - Ford TKO to Lexus bellhousing (SWR Motorsport). Reducing sleeve to fit TKO pilot bush in 1UZ crank (SWR Motorsport). The above should allow me to finally connect the engine to. As the outside of the car is loud I decided to be a bit more restrained with the engine colour scheme using a matt black and graphite grey two tone, the only orange parts so far are the fuel rails. The engine has been stripped down externally, all the parts media blasted and painted. I stripped the original Lexus wiring loom to its bare neceasities and have begun rerouting and sleeving the loom completely. I can't go much further with that until I have the gearbox mounted and decided on the oil temperature, oil pressure and MAF sensor locations. Source: Gav's GDMk4 Cobra Build


  • Modern Diesel Technology: Diesel Engines

    Cengage Learning. 2014. ISBN: 9781305177987,1305177983. 360 pages.

    MODERN DIESEL TECHNOLOGY: DIESEL ENGINES, Second Edition, provides a thorough, reader-friendly introduction to diesel engine theory, construction, operation, and service. Combining a simple, straightforward writing style, ample illustrations, and step-by-step instruction, this trusted guide helps aspiring technicians develop the knowledge and skills they need to service modern, computer-controlled diesel engines. The book provides an overview of essential topics such as shop safety, tools and...

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    Mandy Concepcion.
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porsche 911 993 gt1 1996 customer engine cam cover removed drive chains dual overhead cams each side 4 valve water cooled flat 6 racing car motor illustration drawing digital sketch based photo 32 litre turbo airair intercooler cylinder watercooled heads cylinders endurance lemans 24 hour race cartoon automobile vehicle transport land wheeled
1996 Porsche GT1 motor, cam cover off mk 2. 19_17
My impression of the 1966 Porsche GT1 customer orientation and training motor. A training aid used when the customer cars were released in the 1996 season. By far the most bare metal and plated metal finish in...
Photo by wbaiv on Flickr
white black detail cars water beautiful car pencil silver painting model automobile lily tank place general 1st details 911 pipes tubes 1996 vinyl hans twin drawings rail class hose line tires 2nd plastic clear 124 vehicles turbo mans filter le porsche oil vehicle catch colored brake tamiya adding metzger lemans transmission automobiles fuel actual reference breather incomplete overall gilding adjustable flatsix styrene improving watercooled gt1 arangement rubberlike antirollbar airjack
Porsche 911 GT1 engine pipes cartoon, hoses, soft stuff, normal colors
Same picture as the colored in subsystems but this is colored for how the real thing looks. All in colored pencil over the original black and white. Red and Blue AN connectors, brown breather hose, yellow...
Photo by wbaiv on Flickr
engine mounting bolt and oil pressure sensor cover
Photo by Jeremy Muhlich on Flickr


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