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2017 Volvo XC90 T8 R-Design review: Long-term report three

That Volvo is white, and the one in the last two updates was blue. Volvo sold it. Sales of the big Swedish SUV grew a whopping 177 per cent in 2016, with a total of 1486 cars sold, including 'our' DCW•51P. A flip-flop more obvious than Bond’s flop flipping Mustang in Diamonds Are Forever. That’s about half as many Audi Q7s, but in 2015 the XC90 accounted for just a quarter of the seven-seat Audi’s sales (537 against 2045), so things are on the up. With our lovely blue car a good example of the breed, it was in demand and quickly... And while you would be correct, there is a good reason why our Crystal White 2017 Volvo XC90 T8 R-Design is not the Bursting Blue XC90 T6 of previous updates. Source: CarAdvice

auto car honda advertising triumph civic 1983 ballade acclaim
Badge Engineered
Honda Ballade or CiViC to most people.
Photo by Hugo-90 on Flickr
park door new york food usa ny america sedan silver garden four restaurant general oz united under australian olive australia down eat badge commodore albany parked pontiac states import rare engineer sporty holden discontinued g8 motos defunct worldcars rebadge
Pontiac G8
Everytime I find a G8 its a treat. I'm continuously surprised at how rare these are. I spotted this base sedan on a trip to Olive Garden for dinner. A nice plate of fried calamari with the family and a G8 in one...
Photo by JLaw45 on Flickr
ads advertising horizon catalog 1978 chrysler brochure talbot simca
Badge Engineering
Says Chrysler on the front and Simca on the back. This is 1978, but for 1980 they would be badged Talbot. North American ones would then be Plymouth or Dodge.
Photo by Hugo-90 on Flickr


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