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We took a picture with the world's biggest chocolate Easter bunny. Then we braved the crowds and headed over to check out the windows and lights/music display at Sacks Fifth Avenue. It was such a cool place and a fun experience. It was so bright and colorful and we headed straight for the M&M Store. We walked on steps made of candy. Then we headed across the street to Dylan's Candy Bar. Then I woke up right in time to hit Times Square. We checked out all the candy and fun stuff in the store then we had ice cream (Jax. We're sad that Jax missed it but we made sure to take lots of pictures so we could show him when he woke up. There were LOTS of people there but it was still super cool. Source: The Adventures of Kai and Finn ...and Jax too!


Harley Exhaust Comparison | Harley Performance

Harley exhaust performance comparisons of stock and drag pipe exhaust systems. How to choose the right exhaust for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle.


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Whistle Tips with Bub Rub - YouTube

Funny video clip from a news report where 2 guys show off their whistle tips on thier car and say some stupid stuff

Harley-Davidson XR1200 Exhaust Pipe Comparison

Harley Davidson XR1200 ... SuperTrapp SuperTrapp pipes are made in Cleveland, Ohio, and have offered a unique, patented tunable disc system since 1971.

Yamaha V-Star 1100 Exhaust information

Please visit our sponsor: The Premiere Web Portal For the V-Star 1100 Motorcycle