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Kerker Sport Meg Series Chrome Exhaust 4:1 Honda CB750K 69-78 / F 75-78

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As my career and experience progressed, I grew to understand the importance of Art and Design in this technological society we’ve become. I've adopted the acronym "STEAMD" to represent those passions and concerns. My life long passion has been in the area of “STEM,” Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Multiple mergers and government involvement and support was basically unable to save it. Many famous brands went under and really only one survived. The causes of the death of these great British brands including Norton, AJS, Vincent, and so many others are also numerous, but one main cause was an inability or lack of updating the. Source: STEAMD

Honda CB750-F Finished

I will definitely be using it on my McLaren F1 when I start to paint it, possibly with a little twist to it to. Anyhow, back to the Honda. So I was glad that I did not go with doing it in a factory colour and trod the path of the candy paint instead. In the last post of this project, I was in the stages of final assembly and detail painting. Once the final painting was finished, final assembly continued to complete the model. Mounting the exhaust system caused a few little alignment issues, but these were overcome with a little playing around with their positions. This Alclad candy paint was so much easier to use than the other candy paints I have in my stock of paints. Source: The Mechanics Modelling World



    Causey Enterprises, LLC.
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honda pipes motorcycle exhaust cb750
1976 Honda CB750 Supersport pipes
Photo of the front pipes of a Honda CB750 SuperSport. Work may be used under Creative Commons with attribution. See license for full details on how it may be used.
Photo by seanrnicholson on Flickr
shocks brakes exhaust cb750
Dig that Kerker megaphone! Too bad it is going to go. I want a stubby pipe.
Photo by samglover on Flickr
honda motorcycles classics motorbikes cb750
HONDA CB750. 1969-2003. 750cc FOUR CYLINDER.
The Honda CB750 is a motorcycle built in several model series between 1969–2003 and 2007 that is recognized as a milestone for Honda's successful introduction of a transverse, overhead camshaft inline four-cylinder...
Photo by ronsaunders47 on Flickr


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