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Yesterday’s comments of note

“It’s 1989. I’m working at a design studio in Beverly Hills. As we came around the corner to Olympic Blvd – there is was in all it’s glory. “Ja’ll-pay. The draftsman pointed to the rocker panel “No no no no, this car is. One of the draftsmen (yes back then we still used pencils and velum) rushes into the studio, pulls back his white sport coat sleeves and says excitedly “Dudes (this was the late 80’s everyone called each other dude) there’s a brand new ‘Ja’ll-pay’... Nice cars were not unusual parked on the streets in BH. But I’d never heard of a Ja’ll-pay. White on white with gold wheels and a gold rocker stripe with custom script lettering ‘Jalpa’ nicely reversed in white. Source: The best vintage and classic cars for sale online | Bring a Trailer

Dakota Access Pipeline ‘Days, Not Weeks’ From Freeing Up Commodity Shipping

The announcement was met with derision and a vow to fight by the many groups protesting its construction. We wrote way back in 2014 that grain and other agricultural shipments are more perishable than oil, yet they are largely taking a back seat to it as shipments of oil have overwhelmed an aging railroad infrastructure in that part of the country. The objections of the Standing Rock Sioux also involve sacred lands that elders say are near part of the planned route and such arguments are certainly valid, but the argument of the Sierra Club and other environmental groups who oppose the... While the pipeline does not go through any part of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, it is located next to the tribe’s water supply and many tribal and environmental groups have said they will oppose the pipeline’s construction under any... Source: Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Stainless, Rare Earth, Metal Prices, Forecasting | MetalMiner

The Next Four Years…For Me

The failure of Bush and the RINOs in Congress gave us the housing/financial crisis that contributed to the election of B. H. Obama. I started Framing The Dialogue shortly thereafter. I didn’t burn cars. President Obama is off to his, hopefully quiet, future (but I doubt it) and while there are still plenty of liberal stupidity out there to comment on, the Democrats (I refuse to call them the Democratic Party) still are spewing their. A blog, sadly, that very few people read, but that’s okay as I like writing it. I was pretty dedicated to 3-4 posts per week and I still think many of them were pretty spot on. My start in the blogosphere was jump started by George W Bush’s... Source: Framing the Dialogue

volga волга gaz21 газ21
ГАЗ 21 Волга Варна , GAZ 21 Volga auto, Varna Bulgaria Oct 1993
This lovely old Volga was hiding in the shade in Varna, with lovely old style vehicle registration BH for Varna. Apparently a 1958-1962 ГАЗ 21 Волга or GAZ 21 for export designated M-21.
Photo by sludgegulper on Flickr
F430 Spider.
So crazy! Saw this car in NYC for Gumball 3000 about a month after I spotted it in BH.
Photo by Damian Morys Photography on Flickr
3 ford iii cabrio cabriolet 2014 barneveld onderdelendag harselaar nielsdewit zs39bh
1985 Ford Mustang Convertible
ZS-39-BH Ford Onderdelendag, Barneveld
Photo by NielsdeWit on Flickr


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