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Transit Alone Cannot Solve the Systemic Problems Behind Job Inaccessibility

In the meantime, people of color in high-poverty neighborhoods will continue to struggle to access jobs in far-flung suburbs. But, as I noted, the studies I examined assume that the relationship between transit and job accessibility occurs in a vacuum. Furthermore, one can argue – as Peter Truog and others have – that, while it may make sense to invest in transit-oriented development (TOD) and the “jobs to people” approach on paper, it is impractical. Encouraging businesses to relocate along existing transit lines and form new, transit-rich clusters also takes time. In my last post , I dug into the debate over which approach is better – bringing people to jobs or jobs to people – by examining case studies from San Francisco and Minneapolis-St. Source:

Siege in Fog Chapter 5.1

As readers, do you prefer to read the story without any translator’s notes or you don’t mind them. Do you think having a footnote after each paragraph disturbs the flow of the story or it’s okay. We could also provide a Glossary of different titles rather than a footnote for each separate title every post, etc. Let us know your ideas and your thoughts as having a footnote after each paragraph sounds rather cumbersome. I’m thinking of keeping the terms of address for each character but that will mean a footnote for each term e. g. ‘Third Younger Brother’. We’ll let you know what we’ll change to make the translations better next time~~ . Chapter 5. 1. Qin Sang said stormily: “What do you mean by bringing. Source: MerakiTranslations

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Stroud ... HAND CAR WASH
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red smart car co2 fortwo smallcar smartfortwo smart42 twoseats smartfor2 2seats
new car!
Just washed it (by hand) ;-) Smart ForTwo, what a nice and fun little car!
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Agriculture’s mobile Discovery Zone is a hands-on vehicle that travels the nation educating children and parents about the four main principals of home food safety – clean, separate, cook and chill, at the Taste of...
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