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Vietnam: Ninh Bình to Phong Nha

We refused and got a 'taxi' (some random bloke drove us for a bit of cash) to Ninh Bình town and to our pre-booked hotel. We stayed at the Vancouver Hotel in Ninh Bình which we can't recommend enough. We were finally dropped in Tam Cốc - about 9km outside of Ninh Bình - at The Long Hotel. Turns out this is a fairly common scam where the hotel owners are in cahoots with the bus operator, attempting to get you to stay at their (pretty gross) hotel on arrival. We arrived in Ninh Bình from Halong Bay by means of a dodgy bus - it cost $10 each (booked in Hanoi, June 2016) and took the grand total of eight hours door to door. Source: blue october

Day 10 Tuesday — Arno Bay, Australia

Police cars on the highway are certainly highly visible. Distance Travelled: 255. Fuel economy: 17. 7 litres per 100kms. Only 6 cars, 1 caravan in 10 mins in the middle of day on the highway - a slow pace on the Peninsula The mass exodus from Port Augusta Caravan Park each morning would put the Israelites to shame. Destination: Arno Bay. Max Temperature: 28. Weather: a very bearable temperature with a gentle sea breeze to keep us comfortable. Not really impressed so decided to move on. Accommodation: Arno Bay Foreshore Caravan Park. Source: TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

update on john mccain, and the fire aboard the u.s.s. forrestal at navy station yankee

i don't much care for john mccain, and i haven't since he and sarah palin ran against barak obama in the 2008 presidential campaign. " i have about as much evidence for this supposition as i do for my other thoughts about mccain. i just wish, however, that mccain would dry up and blow away, and get out of politics and stop meddling in the due course of trump's presidency. i also think that mccain is trying to scuttle donald trump's presidency, perhaps in service to that same "establishment. this is pure & absolute speculation on my part, and i haven't a clue as to who any such person or persons might be. nor do i have any evidence to adduce to such supposition. Source: summer patriot, winter soldier

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October sunshine on Loch Beauly at Inverness Scotland
Looking across to North Kessock village - once a wee village and now a sizeable dormitory suburb of Inverness The stretch of water between Inverness and the "Black Isle" - an arm of the North Sea - is...
Photo by conner395 on Flickr
Mystic Station. Mystic Bridge. Mystic River.
top: "Mystic Station is a dual fuel intermediate load power generating facility located adjacent to Mystic 8&9. Mystic 7 is a one dual fuel fired nominal 560 MW steam turbine generating unit (7) that is...
Photo by Seth Tisue on Flickr
cruise gulfofmexico island florida air caribbean keywest 2010
Key West - Sunset Key
Sunset Key is about 1,500 ft (450 m) from the pier in Key West. It is an artificial island, created from material dredged from Key West harbor, beginning in 1965. It was originally named Tank Island, and was...
Photo by roger4336 on Flickr


Half Moon Bay Feed and Fuel

Half Moon Bay Feed and Fuel serves the horse and equestrian community and farming needs

Runaway Bay Marina

Runaway Bay Marina | Marina berthing, boat sales, boat storage, caravan storage, commercial shops, leasing, marine services and more! Gold Coast, Australia.

Oak Bay Marina - Victoria - Canada

Oak Bay Marina is a full service Marina located just ten minutes from downtown Victoria. We offer annual moorage, chandlery, a gift shop and fuel.

Welcome to Half Moon Bay Feed & Fuel - supplies for the ...

Half Moon Bay Feed & Fuel has been in continuous operation at its Main Street address since its founding in 1911. In November of 2002, Feed & Fuel ...

Dana Landing

Dana Landing Market & Fuel Dock is truly the one-stop shop for the fishing, boating and water-sports enthusiast. Ideally located adjacent to the Dana Landing Mission ...