Scepter Military Fuel Can

Emergency Fuel Storage Jerry Can - The Scepter MFC

A Scepter MFC Fuel Jerry Can and Spout with Vinton O ring.

Bug Out Fuel: Scepter Military Fuel Can for Vehicles

These Scepter mil-spec gas cans have some significant advantages over metal jerry cans.

Scepter Military Water Can: Emergency/Disaster Must Have

The Scepter Military Water Container.

Military Fuel Can Spout in Action

Military Fuel/Jerry Can Spout in Action Purchase one here High flow 7/8" and 3/4" for passenger car/trucks available http://www.

Scepter Military Fuel Can MFC Cap Flange Assembly

com This is a demonstration of how to assemble and disassemble the Scepter Military Issue Fuel Can Cap Assembly.

Easy Pour Strap for Scepter Military Fuel Can MFC

This is an Easy Pour Strap for your Scepter 5 Gal / 20L Military Fuel Cans - MFC.

Scepter MFC Military Fuel Can Wrench

com This is a wrench for the Scepter Military Issue Fuel Can, to assist in the opening of a tight fitting cap.

PVC CASE for the Scepter MFC Pour Spouts - 3/4" or High Flow

This is the Video demonstration of the PVC Case built for the Scepter MFC Military Fuel Can Pour Spouts.

Cap Assembly Tool for the Scepter MFC Military Fuel Cans

This is a tool made to assist in the assembly of the Caps of the Scepter MFC's.

Scepter 10L Military Water Can w/ Dispensing Nozzle

com/ Water Canisters Like fuel, a potable water supply to the.

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Scepter Military

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Scepter Military Fuel Cans - Pangaea Expeditions

Scepter 20l Petrol Military fuel can. The Scepter Military Fuel Cans are simply the safest heavy-duty fuel can on the market ...

Scepter Military Water Can

Scepter 5 Gallon Military Water Can ... Uniform, single handle that, in the dark, prevents mistaking them for fuel canisters


"At Scepter, we specialize in designing and manufacturing unique moulded plastic products to meet the needs of our customers around the world." We have a proud ...

Fuel Containers - Scepter Consumer

Fuel Containers. Scepter leads the industry with one of the most comprehensive lines of gas and specialty Jerry Cans in the industry. As the first manufacturer of ...