Chip Tuning Performance MERCEDES CLK320 C209 3.0 CDI 224 HP CR Power Box

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CR1 eBay

CR1 chipbox is digital device designed for diesel cars that include a common rail injection system (CR).

CR1 chip should be plugged into cars electrical system what causes the modification of the data exchanged between the computer ECU and each engine component when it comes to:

  • fuel injection,
  • fuel amount,
  • boost pressure,
  • air temperature,
  • air density,
  • engine speed,
  • throttle position, and other variables.
  • Chipbox increase power up to 30% - power increase depends on the engine volume and cars power output - it may result in 20 horse power more in a small engine or even 50 in bigger diesel engine.
  • Chipbox increase of torque from 30 to 50 NM.
  • Car reaches higher maximum speed, better acceleration, better dynamics and responds better for the gas pedal.
  • In diesel engines decreases fuel consumption by 0,5 to 1,5 liter per 100 KM.
  • Eliminates so called "turbo hole" in cars with turbine.
  • The electronic circuit of the chip is flooded with epoxy resin, waterproof, perfectly protected from moisture, dust, oily coating.
  • It has a motor protection function (this function prevents overheating of the engine under heavy load - a very dynamic driving).
  • Digital chip is made from good quality materials, and the wires are placed in the heat-resistant ducts - made in SMD technology.
  • It doesn't cause excessive fumes emanation.
  • After removing the chip the car returns to factory settings

Fast and easy installation „PLUG&PLAY” - takes only a few minutes.*

(* there are some cars where the plug is located behind the engine or any other hard reachable places what results in much more effort to perform the assembly. Sometimes there is mechanical help needed because for instance the battery or air filter has to be removed to reach the plug - such models are very rare ones).

You will receive the device ready for installation with detailed instructions!

The device has an additional adjustment in the form of adjusting screw, which helps to conform the device for operating the engine - use it only when necessary. Please contact with us before use additional regulation.

Our production meets the highest standards of an international association of producers of the electronics industry IPC as well as Polish and international production standards.

IPC certifications are recognized worldwide as a guarantee of quality of products and services in the electronics industry. The use of the production standards IEC guarantees high quality and repeatability of the production process.



For the each purchased device you will get 24 months warranty. The warranty covers replacement of the device with new or repaired device. Our products can be returned. If you are not satisfied with the device, you can return it within 14 days from the date of receipt of the shipment,and I will refund the cost of the device. Shipping costs paid by the buyer. Shipment should be sent to the address of our factory: ProRacing X ul. Wroclawska 261, 59-220 Legnica, Poland. Please email before you return it. The most important for me is the satisfaction of the buyer.

ProRacing® Digital ChipTuning Box CR1 dedicated to
MERCEDES diesel engines with common rail.

Table of power and torque 'standard vs. increase' in selected car models.

Car modelMake yearkWBhpNMkWBhpNM
A160 W168 1.7 CDI1998-200144601605372190
A160 W168 1.7 CDI2001-200455751606690190
A170 W168 1.7 CDI1998-2001669018077105215
A170 W168 1.7 CDI2001-2004709518084115215
A160 W169 2.0 CDI2004-201260821807197215
A180 W169 2.0 CDI2004-20128010925095130295
A200 W169 2.0 CDI2004-2012103140300122165350
A180 W176 1.5 CDI2012≥8010926094129300
A180 W176 1.8 CDI2012≥8010925094129290
A200 W176 1.8 CDI2012≥100136300118160350
A220 W176 2.2 CDI2012≥125170350147200400
B180 W245 2.0 CDI2005-20118010925095130295
B200 W245 2.0 CDI2005-2011103140300122165350
B180 W246 1.8 CDI2011≥8010925095130295
B200 W246 1.8 CDI2011≥100136300118160350
B200 W246 2.2 CDI2011≥125170350147200400
C200 W202 2.2 CDI1998-20007510223589120275
C220 W202 2.2 CDI1997-200092125300110150355
C200 W203 2.2 CDI2001-20077510223589120275
C200 W203 2.2 CDI2000-20078511625099135295
C200 W203 2.2 CDI2003-200790122270107145315
C220 W203 2.2 CDI2000-2007105143315125170365
C220 W203 2.2 CDI2004-2007110150340128175395
C270 W203 2.7 CDI2000-2007125170370147200430
C270 W203 2.7 CDI2000-2007125170400147200465
C320 W203 3.0 CDI2005-2007165224415196265480
C30 W203 3.0 CDI AMG2003-2007170231540198270635
C180 W204 2.2 CDI2011≥88120300103140345
C200 W204 2.2 CDI2007-2009100136270118160315
C200 W204 2.2 CDI2009≥100136360118160415
C220 W204 2.2 CDI2007≥125170400147200465
C250 W204 2.2 CDI2008≥150204500176240580
C300 W204 3.0 CDI2011≥170231540198270635
C320 W204 3.0 CDI2007≥165224510196265590
C350 W204 3.0 CDI2009≥165224510196265590
C350 W204 3.0 CDI2009≥170231540198270635
C350 W204 3.0 CDI2011≥195265620224305710
CITAN W415 108 1.5 CDI2012≥5575180---
CITAN W415 109 1.5 CDI2012≥6690200---
CITAN W415 111 1.5 CDI2012≥81110240---
CLA200 C117 2.2 CDI2013≥100136300---
CLA220 C117 2.2 CDI2013≥125170400---
CLC220 CL203 2.2 CDI2008≥90122270107145315
CLC220 CL203 2.2 CDI2008≥110150340128175395
CLK220 C209 2.2 CDI2005-2009110150340128175395
CLK270 C209 2.7 CDI2002-2009125170400147200465
CLK320 C209 3.0 CDI2005-2009165224510196265590
CLS320 C219 3.0 CDI2005-2010165224510196265590
CLS350 C219 3.0 CDI2009-2010165224540196265620
CLS250 C218 2.2 CDI2011≥150204500176240580
CLS350 C218 3.0 CDI2011≥195265620224305710
E200 W210 2.2 CDI1998-20027510223589120275
E200 W210 2.2 CDI1999-20028511625099135295
E220 W210 2.2 CDI1998-199992125300110150355
E220 W210 2.2 CDI1999-2002105143315125170365
E270 W210 2.7 CDI1999-2002125170370147200435
E320 W210 3.2 CDI1999-2002145197470169230545
E200 W211 2.2 CDI2002-20087510227089120310
E200 W211 2.2 CDI2002-200890122270107145315
E200 W211 2.2 CDI2006-2008100136340118160385
E220 W211 2.2 CDI2002-2008110150340128175395
E220 W211 2.2 CDI2006-2008125170400147200465
E270 W211 2.7 CDI2002-2008130177400150205465
E280 W211 3.2 CDI2004-2008130177425150205490
E280 W211 3.0 CDI2005-2008140190400166225465
E280 W211 3.0 CDI2005-2008140190440166225505
E300 W211 3.0 CDI2007-2008155211540180245620
E320 W211 3.2 CDI2002-2008150204500176240580
E320 W211 3.0 CDI2005-2008165224510196265590
E320 W211 3.0 CDI2005-2008165224540196265620
E400 W211 4.0 CDI2003-2008191260560216295650
E420 W211 4.0 CDI2006-2008231314730264360840
E200 W212 2.2 CDI2009≥100136360118160415
E220 W212 2.2 CDI2009≥125170400147200465
E250 W212 2.2 CDI2009≥150204500176240580
E300 W212 3.0 CDI2011≥150204500176240580
E300 W212 3.0 CDI2011≥170231540198270635
E350 W212 3.0 CDI2009≥155211540180245620
E350 W212 3.0 CDI2009≥170231540198270635
E350 W212 3.0 CDI2011≥195265620224305710
G270 W463 2.7 CDI2001≥115156400132180465
G320 W463 3.0 CDI2005≥165224540196265620
G350 W463 3.0 CDI2010≥155211540180245620
G350 W463 3.0 CDI2005≥165224540196265620
G400 W463 4.0 CDI2000≥184250560213290650
GL320 X164 3.0 CDI2006-2009165224510196265590
GL350 X164 3.0 CDI2009≥155211540180245620
GL350 X164 3.0 CDI2009≥165224510196265590
GL350 X164 3.0 CDI2010≥195265620224305710
GL420 X164 4.0 CDI2006-2009225306700264360810
GL450 X164 4.0 CDI2009≥225306700264360810
GL350 X166 3.0 CDI2012≥190258620220299710
GLK200 X204 2.2 CDI2010≥105143350125170400
GLK220 X204 2.2 CDI2008≥125170400147200465
GLK250 X204 2.2 CDI2009≥150204500176240580
GLK320 X204 3.0 CDI2008≥165224540196265620
GLK350 X204 3.0 CDI2009-2010165224540196265620
GLK350 X204 3.0 CDI2010-2011170231540198270635
ML270 W163 2.7 CDI1999-2005120163370140190435
ML400 W163 4.0 CDI2001-2005184250560213290650
ML280 W164 3.0 CDI2005-2009140190440166225500
ML300 W164 3.0 CDI2009-2011140190440166225500
ML300 W164 3.0 CDI2010-2011150204500176240580
ML320 W164 3.0 CDI2005-2009165224510196265590
ML350 W164 3.0 CDI2009-2011155211540180245620
ML350 W164 3.0 CDI2009-2011165224510196265590
ML350 W164 3.0 CDI2010-2011170231540198270635
ML420 W164 4.0 CDI2006-2009225306700264360810
ML450 W164 4.0 CDI2009-2011225306700264360810
ML250 W166 2.2 CDI2011≥150204500176240580
ML350 W166 3.0 CDI2011≥190258620220299710
R280 W251 3.0 CDI2006≥140190440166225500
R300 W251 3.0 CDI2009≥140190440166225500
R320 W251 3.0 CDI2006≥165224510196265590
R350 W251 3.0 CDI2006≥155211540180245620
R350 W251 3.0 CDI2009≥165224510196265590
R350 W251 3.0 CDI2010≥195265620224305710
S320 W220 3.2 CDI1999-2002145197470169230545
S320 W220 3.2 CDI2002-2005150204500176240580
S400 W220 4.0 CDI2000-2005184250560213290650
S400 W220 4.0 CDI2003-2005191260560220300650
S250 W221 2.2 CDI2011≥150204500176240580
S320 W221 3.0 CDI2005≥173235540202275635
S350 W221 3.0 CDI2005≥173235540202275635
S350 W221 3.0 CDI2011≥190258620220299710
S420 W221 4.0 CDI2006≥235320730271370840
S450 W221 4.0 CDI2006≥235320730271370840
SLK250 R172 2.2 CDI2012≥150204500176240580
SPRINTER I 901-905 208/308/408 2.2CDI2000-200660822007197235
SPRINTER I 901-905 211/311/411 2.2CDI2000-20068010927095130320
SPRINTER I 901-905 213/313/413 2.2CDI2000-200695129300110150350
SPRINTER I 901-905 216/316/416 2.7CDI2000-2006115156330132180385
SPRINTER II 906 209/309/409 2.2CDI2006-2009658822078105260
SPRINTER II 906 210/310/510 2.2CDI2009≥709525081110295
SPRINTER II 906 211/311/411/511 2.2CDI2006-20098010928095130330
SPRINTER II 906 213/313/413/513 2.2CDI2009≥95129305110150355
SPRINTER II 906 215/315/415/515 2.2CDI2006≥110150330128175385
SPRINTER II 906 216/316/416/516 2.2CDI2009≥120163360138188410
SPRINTER II 906 218/318/418/518 3.0CDI2006-2009135184400154210470
SPRINTER II 906 219/319/419/519 3.0CDI2009≥140190440161220510
V200 W638 2.2 CDI1999-20037510225089120295
V220 W638 2.2 CDI1999-200390122300107145350
VANEO W414 1.7 CDI2002-200555751606690190
VANEO W414 1.7 CDI2002-2005679118079108210
VIANO W639 2.0 CDI2005≥8010927095130320
VIANO W639 2.0 CDI2005≥8511629099135340
VIANO W639 2.0 CDI2010≥100136310118160360
VIANO W639 2.2 CDI2003≥110150330128175385
VIANO W639 2.2 CDI2010≥120163360139190410
VIANO W639 3.0 CDI2006≥150204440176240510
VIANO W639 3.0 CDI2010≥165224440196265510
VITO W638 108 2.2 CDI1999-200360822007197235
VITO W638 110 2.2 CDI1999-20037510225089120295
VITO W638 112 2.2 CDI1999-200390122300107145350
VITO W639 109 2.2 CDI2003≥658822077105260
VITO W639 109 2.2 CDI2006≥709525081110295
VITO W639 110 2.2 CDI2010≥709525081110295
VITO W639 111 2.2 CDI2003≥8010927095130320
VITO W639 111 2.2 CDI2007≥8511629099135340
VITO W639 113 2.2 CDI2010≥100136310118160360
VITO W639 115 2.2 CDI2003≥110150330128175385
VITO W639 116 2.2 CDI2010≥120163360139190410
VITO W639 120 3.0 CDI2007≥150204440176240510
VITO W639 122 3.0 CDI2010≥165224440196265510

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