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575HP Shelby Aluminum Ford Crate Engine 427 Stroker Cobra Turn Key 393 408 427

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Picture shows front pulleys not included



  • All parts hand cleaned
  • Block sonic checked for thickness
  • Block pressure tested @ 40 psi
  • Block stroker clearanced
  • Block square decked with BHJ fixture
  • Oil galleys tapped for screw in plugs
  • Aligned honed mains
  • Bored and honed with torque plates
  • All clearances checked to the nearest .0001"
  • Rotating assembly balanced
  • Engine blueprinted with specs sheet on file
  • Engine fully dressed to customer specifications
  • Dyno tested with actual results supplied to customer
  • 3 Year Unlimited Mile warranty


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Our Process



Completely Assembled from oil pan to intake and dyno tested.

This is our Shelby Signature Series based 427 small block Ford. Includes QF 750 carb, MSD Pro Billet Distributor and Custom Fit wires and looms. Add your choice of front pulley system and make this beauty complete and ready for your next Cobra Project.

Substitute a Iron Block in Place of Aluminum Version for $13,499

  • Engine Model - PRE-SSC-427-C1
  • Horsepower - 575 HP
  • Torque - 525 Ft Lbs
  • Bore and Stroke - 4.125 x 4.00 Inches
  • Compression Ratio - 10:1
  • Fuel - Premium pump gas
  • Crankshaft - Eagle Forged Steel
  • Connecting Rods - Forged H Beam, bushed
  • Pistons - JE/SRP Forged
  • Rings - File fit plasma moly
  • Block -Dart Aluminum 351W block, 2.75 Mains, one piece rear seal
  • Camshaft - Comp Hydraulic roller
  • Lifters - Scorpion hydraulic roller Tie Bar
  • Timing Set - Double roller chain
  • Timing Cover - New aluminum
  • Harmonic Balancer - Professional Products
  • Oil Pump - Melling High volume
  • Oil Pan -7 Qt (Front or Rear sump option)
  • Heads - ARF CNC 225
  • Head Bolts - ARP
  • Valves - Stainless steel
  • Springs - Dual with dampener
  • Rocker Studs - ARP 7/16 diameter screw in type
  • Rocker Arms - Scorpion Aluminum full foller
  • Pushrods - 5/16 Hardened steel with guide plates
  • Intake Manifold - Edelbrock
  • Valve Covers - Shelby Signature Series Cast Aluminum
  • Spark Plugs - Autolite 3922
  • Oil Filter - Fram PH8A or comparable
  • Ignition Timing - 32 degrees at 4,000 RPM
  • Oil Type - Mineral based

**We Encourage the use of high Quality American made parts- NO KNOCK OFFS HERE



PRE-F427-C2 575HP/525TQ VIDEO

Always Make Sure The Engine You Purchase Is In Fact Dyno Tested!

Before leaving Prestige Motorsports, each engine is tested on our engine dyno, beginning with an hour long break in period. During this period, the engine is run at a constant 2000 RPM and all temperatures and pressures are monitored by our professional staff. After passing the break in procedure, the engine is then ready for a series of dyno runs. We test via steady state as well as a series of sweep tests. This process ensures that our engines meet the high standards we live by. By applying a load on the engine and sweeping the RPM range we can ensure that the valve train is stable, the fuel system and ignition is optimized as well as there are no leaks!

*****Each Customer is provided the documented blue printing and specification sheets along with a DVD copy of the dyno run. The engine is than cleaned, tagged and bagged ready for shipment.


Our Street series Crate engines carry a 3 year unlimited mile warranty. We advise you to fill out the provided sheet once the engine is received and send it back to us for our records. As the upstanding company that we are we do our best to educate and advise our customers in the best possible manner to ensure they are receiving a product that will withstand the use it is intended for. At an unsuspected time of a failure we strongly advise you to notify us immediately with any information possible. Many cases can be different and in saying so each will be treated on a case by case basis. If there is a known catastrophic failure you will need to send it back to us for a failure analysis before any further action is taken. The customer is responsible for the freight back to us or we will schedule pick up for you at the cost of the customer until we further analyze the issue at hand. There is a flat rate fee for tear down and analysis to determine the problem or complaint at hand. Because we care about our customer and their satisfaction with our product or service we always encourage you to contact us at any time with questions or concerns. This also means if you are out of the stated warranty mentioned above we still encourage your calls. This helps us better serve our customer and future customers by understanding problems and or questions that occur to make everyone's experience as best as possible


  • Custom Built Carburetor by Quick Fuel (QFT)
    Starting @ $499.00
  • MSD Billet Distributor (Pro, HEI, Tach drive)
    Mechanical Advance Pro Billet $269.95
  • MSD Ignition Boxes (6AL, 7AL, Digital etc)
    Starting @ $229.00
  • 8mm Custom Fit Spark Plug Wires and Looms
    Custom Built -Choice Of Color $99.95
  • Coils and Coil Brackets
    Starting @ $39.00
  • Mechanical & Electric Fuel Pumps
    -Starting @ $89.00
  • Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Line Kit with Filter
    Fuel Log, Filter and fitting plumbed- $179.95
  • Aluminum Water Pumps (Std & Rev. Rotations)
  • SFI Approved Flexplate (auto trans)
    Dual Or Single Pattern SFI $89.95
  • SFI Approved Flywheels (manual trans)
    Starting @ 229.95
  • Clutch and Pressure Plates (10 or 26 Spline)
    Starting @ $199.95
  • Powermaster High Torque Mini Starter
    Ford Manual Or Auto Starter $229.95
  • K & N 14in Round High Flow Filter
    Complete Assembly $149.95
  • Full Line Of Upgraded Aluminum Valve Covers
    Starting @ $99.95





We offer custom painted blocks, valve covers and more. We will color match the paint code
utilizing a base coat/clear coat process or just simply use a VHT engine paint of your choice. 

  • PRE-FB This is the start in the right direction for added performance without sacrificing the combination and Drivability. Our Fluff & Buff is a full Radius valve seat, Bowl Blend and Chamber Clean up which is preparing one of the most Critical portions of the cylinder head For better Performance. $300.00
  • PRE-FPP This is the next step before we go all out by designing you a stump pulling, neck snapping combination. Above work as well as Optimizing the short side radius and cross sectional area of the ports. Fully Ported & Polished Head Work. $900.00
  • PRE-FPP-PMM This is it ladies and Gentleman. We now offer the above as well as fully print matched, Ported & Polished Manifold to top the combination off. $1500.00


We are capable of designing, developing and delivering a complete drive train package for your project. This can include but not limited to a full turn key engine package from literally the oil pan to the throttle cable, Manual or Automatic transmission packages, rearend systems, steering conversions, cooling systems, braking and far beyond. Remember you are now dealing with a company who has perfection im mind at all times. We employ a well rounded staff who's abilities are endless which allows for us to become your ONE STOP SHOP. If you can't bring your ride here we are sure to send what's needed in 1 Big box!



Many have found that it is beneficial to purchase a more turn key package that suites their needs from one place. We Install what we sell and have the expertise the help guide you in the right direction. Leaving you with one less place to contact and benefit from combined purchase and shipping savings.

**Please Call to Discuss Your Needs and For a Detailed Quotation Request- 704 782 7170



  • 100 Amp Chrome Alternator (one wire) - $169
  • Power Steering Pump - $129
  • Polished AC Compressor - $285
  • Aluminum Std/Rev. Rotation Water Pump-$99
  • 6 Groove Serpentine Belt- $54.95
  • Serpentine Pulley Kits by March Performance Call or email for pricing
  • If we are missing something you are looking for, call or email for a free quote!

704 782 7170




Please Provide Us With The Details Below

Domestic Shipments Include:

  • Full Name, Address, Contact Number, Email
  • Business or Residential Delivery
  • Need Lift Gate Service?
  • ** Shipping quotes available immediately

International Shipments Include:

  • Full Name, Address, Contact Number, Email
  • Closest Port or Large City
  • Ocean or Air Freight
  • Door to Door or Door to Port for Pick Up
  • Do You Have a Customs Broker?
  • ** 2 Day to 24Hr time to generate quote

**** Most all International Shipments are shipped pending Customs clearance and it is the customers responsibility to cover all Duties and Taxes unless otherwise noted. Domestic shipments will be charged the appropriate sales tax if shipped within NC.  It is the customers responsibility to pay their Local and State sales tax if shipped outside of NC.



We are able to fit a variety of components along with the engine in the crate including but not limited to Manual Transmissions, Automatic Transmissions, Cooling Systems, Hedders, Crossmembers, Mounts,Starters and more.


  • We Install the Engine Block Plate
  • Flywheel and Clutch Assembly
  • Pilot Bearing and Bellhousing

**We will also measure and Document Proper Release Bearing Free play on Hydraulic Units


  • All Components are in original packaging


Keeping your investment safe during shipping is very important to us. Prestige Motorsports Engines are shipped in a fully enclosed crate which is hand built on site and well reinforced. Included in the crate is a steel engine stand that mounts the engine to the crate and can be a useful tool for storing an old or removed engine. All Documents are Inserted in a vanilla Folder inside the crate. The Engine is also tagged with the proper mechanical balance, Oil capacity, Timing settings, Valve lash, Thermostat range, Fuel type and Engine Reference Number for future references.


Value- We truly believe in the value of Prestige Motorsports Engines. We earn your business by building and delivering top quality products that perform at the highest level. We are willing to prove that value is not determined solely by the price paid for a product. Value includes how well a product performs, how reliable it is throughout its life span and the customer service and support that backs it up.

Quality- A top quality product enables you to perform at the highest level consistently, leading to a more comfortable purchase. It also helps you avoid spending time and money on replacing faulty or low quality parts later. A lower quality product can cost you performance on the street or at the track causing you to miss events or races because you’re fixing failed components. We use and sell components that we have found through our years of experience to be the highest quality and most reliable for each given application. We take pride in the quality of our engines and components and never cut corners during assembly. Time invested in correct assembly pays off incredibly over an engine’s lifetime.

Performance- We work with suppliers to design and select components that perform at the highest level for each individual application. We are always working to improve our entire line of engines so that we can offer the best performance possible. We use Pro knowledge, technology and constant development in every Street and Race engine. All of this means that our engines will produce the top performance possible. You can see the numbers on the dyno sheets as we test each and every engine. We are committed to delivering the performance we promise. We refuse to make inflated performance claims. The numbers we advertise are accurate, and we will not ship your engine until it meets or exceeds those standards.

Service- We have an experienced and knowledgeable staff who are committed to offering the best service and advice possible. They work with customers to select exactly the right products for their performance needs and goals. They also answer questions to help customers get the most out of their engines and components.

Experience what Prestige Motorsports value can mean for you and your individual needs.

704 782 7170
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