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The car-BONE cycle

In Biology Class (or, as I call it, Les Miserables), we are learning about the carbon cycle (I know, right. My conscience told me it should be dubbed car-BONE-icalitasticationism. A whole new school of science and philosophy could be created around the car-BONE cycle. Anywizzle, I was a-thinkin’ that you could call it the car-BONE cycle. To expand upon this wizardry, my amigo Douglas suggested car-BONE dating, which I rejected outright because it was mildly…. Source: clericalcats


So I said, "let's just go, we have a appointment, and we'll go fast and they won't see us" We go, and they start to say things amongst themselves, and then I hear, "10 puntos para la gringa" (HAHA) and I look back, and there are water balloons... " We wait for like 15 minutes, and nothing. My life was like a movie in this moment, because then literally like 10 little kids come running, with buckets of water, and I think, "wow, ya fui, I'm done for". Well, later on, we trekked up the hill to visit an investigator, and the only way down is to trek down the hill. We started going down, and see a bunch of jovenes like 15-18 years old playing carnavales, getting wet, and we're like- oh man, we have to walk down that street, there wasn't another outlet, and my comp is like, "let's wait for a taxi. Source: what a time to be alive!

Hola Amigo! A 100 Cups Of Coffee Adventure

Perfect for National Love Your Pets Day which was also on Monday. And I do not do well in the car. I asked Ocean Eyes if he was working on Monday {President's Day} and he told me he had off so I booked room immediately, without even seeing how far away they were {2 hours and 41 minutes from North East Denver}. Most of them I probably will never get to see {though who I am following is my list, just in case} this weekend, there was one I was able to check off: Amigo Motor Lodge. So we packed up my little red car with Piper, wine, champagne and a picnic lunch and drove down for my first trip to Salida, Colorado. But we made it through, came out the other side and saw some of the most gorgeous landscapes I've seen since I've moved to Colorado. Source: The Nerdy Girlie

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El Torino de mi amigo
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amigos visita ceuta
Fotografías de Cañete
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