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H2 Membership Drive

“Big disappointment”. And the guy who sold you the “Herbal Viagra” behind the Quik E Mart. We’re in the middle of our annual membership drive here at the Hostages and so far it’s been a big disappointment. We’ve got some really handy tote bags* that are a way for you to show your support for the Hostages in a practical, yet not ostentatious way. That shit’s like Russian Roulette…it’s either Limp Bizkit or you’re calling your doctor after 4 hours which is really closer to 6 or 7 because you really weren’t sure exactly when you took it and really weren’t keeping track of elapsed time until... Source: The H2: Providing a safe space for midgets, dwarfs, fatties and tranny lovers Since March 2009.

The King Ranch El Kineño

What they came up with was the El Kineño, a custom-designed 1949 Buick convertible with every outlandish feature you can imagine. The car had two spare tires, six shotgun sheaths, its own winch, a two-way radio, and a beefed-up suspension and cooling system. Strangely, it did not have a longhorn hood ornament, but did have a hood ornament in the shape of the ranch's brand. King Ranch is the largest ranch in Texas, at 1,289 square miles. Read how the King Ranch El Kineño came about , and see the pictures, at Just a Car Guy. Source: Neatorama

The Manliest Cars Ever Made

A bloated redesign of the Eldorado in the early seventies introduced the world to the brash pimpmobile look, and caused a serious drought in similar. This, in turn, made it much more appealing to male buyers. Here, we’ll list a few of the manliest cars that have ever graced the road. When a guy buys a car, they check the usual things like performance, fuel economy, price, safety and so on. However, if you get too wrapped up in what buyer’s guides say you should look for, there’s a fair chance that you’ll wind up behind the... This personal and masculine coupe certainly wasn’t meek, but the moderate proportions made it neat and purposeful, and made it look a lot more sophisticated than a lot of its rivals. Source: The Aspiring Gentleman

599 HGTE.
Spending the night editing never posted pictures from last year and updating my Flickr as I go along. Edit: And of course I fell asleep. :P Thanks for the comments guys!
Photo by Damian Morys Photography on Flickr
1/12 (yes, 1/12th) Of The Collection.
Hey guys, I'm leaving tonight for vacation for the next 10 days. I'll be visiting the west coast and will be making a stop in Monterey (for Car Week) for a few days while I'm there, looking forward to seeing some...
Photo by Damian Morys Photography on Flickr
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Lucky guy
Photo by Benoit cars on Flickr


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